Tom Bagley

Keyboards, vocals, musical contractor

Late 60s: First Euphonium in Nairobi School Marching Band. Began Playing in his first band in East Africa as a young teen where he met one of his musical mentors Stefan Hillstrom. Played Blues, Rock, and Psychedelic Music.

Early 70s: Was introduced to Chris Whynaught (back in the USA) by Stefan where they played in Colorado in Rock, Blues, and Swing Rock bands including Sassafrass (an 8 piece horn band), Snake and the Flim Flam Band, and later in Iowa City in Harlequin.

Mid 70s: Moved to Maryland to play in various Southern rock and Blues Bands and perform in the St. Mary's College Jazz Ensemble.

Late 70s: Hitch Hiked to California to visit Stefan Hillstrom and was offered a gig with Stefan in the Randy Barlow Show, a country/pop band with four songs in the Top 100 Billboard Charts.

80s: Was joined by sister Cat Bagley to sing in Gazelle, a top-40 and R&B band in Orange County. Disneyland hired Gazelle in 1979 To perform at the Tommorowland Terrace and later changed their Disney name to Voyager. Continued as bandleader on Tomorrowland and various Disney and Buena Vista Events around the US and in foreign countries. Put together lots of specialty Shows for Disney and also performs in The Bytes, a band formed in the early 80's. Recorded The Bytes album in 1981. Landed a production deal in 1983 with Cherokee Studios where he wrote and played on over 50 recordings.

Mid 90s: Performed in Peter Dobson Blues Band and recorded Peter Dobson Spirit album, Recorded his album Baby's Comin' Home Tonight, with Peter Dobson as producer and guitarist. Performed all the keyboards on Heard Him on the Radio by Chris Whynaught, and recorded with Taj Mahal Bassist Larry Fulcher on his solo project and Taj Mahal's Band the Phantom Blues Band. Currently Performing with Chris Whynaught and the Reasons Why. Still performing with Voyager and The Bytes.

Late 90s to Present: Performed Dueling Pianos at Sing Sing in Irvine Spectrum as well as Denver, Long Beach and San Diego. Currently on staff at the Shout! House in San Diego.

Recorded and co-wrote A Month of Mondays with Sue Cross and Peter Dobson.

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